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June 21, 2009

Debian and the Freerunner

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Some time ago I bought a Freerunner as an upgrade for my Neo 1973, I was going to wait for the GTA03 but as you all know it got delayed indefinitely.

Why Debian.
Q) Why Debian?
A) Well I like the fact that it comes with a ton of pre compiled software. Also it behaves just like my regular desktop computer: Development environment, just apt-get install a gcc compiler on the phone and you are set.

Q) Why not a Debian base distro like Neovento?
A) Yet another Debian distro, not again… Also it seems to be geared towards installation onto the internal flash, and I like to install large silly things like emacs, compilers, pcb, gschem, kicad. Also it uses LXDE and I just happen to like Matchbox for embedded devices.

Some historic events
Of course I had bought two Kingston SD-C02G 2GB microSD cards for the Neo 1973 which fails with I/O errors on the Freerunner typically me…
However there is a fix which works for me, well except that the Debian installer at that exact point in time was broken.
Quick fix: Just copy my Neo 1973 install using dd. Install the config for gta02. Works like a charm.

The actual “review”
I bought a Kingston SDC4/8GB as I would like to run the SD controller at full speed, I have not tested this yet but:
The Debian install went smoothly…

The Good

  • Comes pre installed with matchbox, my favorite¬† window manager
  • Trayer is installed and works just fine
  • openmoko-panel-plugin is installed as default

The not quite so good

  • No way of launching additional applications (no panel app with a start menu installed)
  • I just can not seem to get the WLAN GUIs to work (they anr not installed by default either), command line WLAN works just fine.
  • The default is still running the phone as root. Can not blame Debian as this is still the up stream/FSO way,¬† I just do not like it that is all.

The Debian install had included some extra features as default since my last install.
How ever I would like some way of launching additional programs as default, if I just wanted to use zhone I could have installed a number of other distributions.
This can easily be fixed by installing additional software, I guess it is a matter of minimalism to allow the freedom of choice.
Debian still provides a good minimal install for customising your phone, also I like the apt-get upgrade option instead of the eternal complete  re-flash cycle I know from my Nokia N770

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