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August 6, 2010

Stroke recognition keyboard for matchbox

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YouTube video of strokerecog

In yet another shameless self promotion/public information attempt I bring you a video of strokerecog my “handwriting recognition” keyboard application.

Unlike initially for the matchbox finger friendly theme there is already a .deb package that can be used to install stroke-recognition on your phone.
You may download it from HERE.

However the stroke-recognition-x11_0.29_armel.deb package is not as polished as the matchbox theme .deb file
(The theme is by now installable using apt-get install)

August 4, 2010

Finger friendly matchbox theme, now as a Debian package

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YouTube video of the theme


Edit: The package is apt-get able from the official  pkg-fso.alioth.debian.org

The package is not include in the official  pkg-fso.alioth.debian.org repository yet, but you can download the files HERE.

I still need to figure out if is okay that the changes file is labeled as i386 or what I need to do differently.
But at least it passes “lintian -i -I –show-overrides –pedantic matchbox-theme-finger-friendly_7svn_i386.changes” without any problems.

August 2, 2010

Finger friendly matchbox theme

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YouTube video of the theme

Finger friendly window manages presents special challenges mostly caused by the need for larger controls due to inaccurate finger tapping.
On small screen devices like mobile phones this presents another challenge, we do not want to use too much of our small screen for controls.
On the Neo/Freerunner this is made even more complicated as the bezel around the screen makes it hard to tab the edges.
And the edges are where we normally put the controls.

But Nokia seemed to have succeeded in making the Matchbox window manager finger friendly on the 770.
And while the 770 does have a larger screen, why not our Freerunner?

I am not graphics artist so I am pretty sure that it could have been made to look nicer but here is what I have done.

  • The top window border have been enlarged to 48px, no other border needed.
  • The window chooser and close buttons have been made larger and moved away from the left and right edge.
    (But the entire area left or right of the icon can be clicked)
  • Only a small area above the window chooser displays the window title (also activates the chooser)
  • The font size used for the chooser and application launcher has been increased to allow using them with your fingers
  • The remaining space is used to “dock” the matchbox-panel , so it does not have to use valuable screen estate.

There are still plenty of things that remain to be done most importantly create a Debian package to allow others to install the theme easily.

And since there MUST always be one window open to show the  launcher I should probably while(true) spawn either zhone
or some sort of home window in .xsession.

And something must be done to the launcher, as it does not show half of my installed applications including any terminal (shiver), I could either:

  • Fix the launcher config files, I do belive that can be done…
  • Remove the launcher from the panel and replace it with the “home window” thing.
    This would also free the panel space for extra notification icons

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