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March 10, 2012

HP Proliant N40L Filter

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I recently bought a HP Proliant N40L “server” as an upgrade to my QNAP 409.

And as with my QNAP I would like a filter that prevents most of the dust in my living room from entering the Proliant.
Before I build a filter out of a piece of cardboard and some paper towel for the QNAP I have once had to vacuum it due to a slight build-up of dust.
After the filter the inside remained a lot cleaner and I only had to clean/replace the filter, a lot safer and easier than cleaning the whole thing.

If some paper towel works for a QNAP then why not a Proliant?
Anyway here is a tiny How to “build” a simple and cheap filter for a Proliant N40L

First you need to remove the plastic that covers the door.

In order to do that you need to remove the lock this involves: Removing the screw holding the metal “bar”, then removing the nut that holds the locking mechanism in place.

You can now remove the plastic covering the metal door by carefully releasing the thee plastic hooks at the top of the door.

Next you need to cut a 19×14.5 cm piece of paper towel.

I removed half the layers of paper to keep the pressure drop across the filter low.
Last time around I used paper towel with only two layers which was much easier to separate than the 4 layer stuff I used this time…

Now you need to tape the paper towel onto the outside of the metal door.
If the Proliant is running and the door is closed the paper will be held in place by suction, making it a very easy job indeed.

Cut a hole in the paper towel for the locking mechanism.

Put the plastic covering back on, hiding the filter.

Reinstall the locking mechanism.

Close the door and admire your handy work while drinking your favourite beverage.
(Beer can be used during this step)

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