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April 7, 2012

X11 tips and tricks

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Useful commands for X11

Welcome to this short summary of useful commands for X11.
I have written it to avoid having to resort to googling next time I forget Xephyr.
Also it might be interesting for others as well…

Servers inside your X11 server

running xoo

xoo with a ipaq3800 skin

Why would you want to run a X11 server on your X11 display

Well for starters you might want to try out your UI on a device with a lower screen resolution than your development machine.
You might also want to code an application running at a different colour depth than you desktop, maybe a rotozoomer in 16bit 😉
You may also simply want to try out a couple of applications on a low res. screen prior to buying a table with a low res. screen…


A wrapper for xnest and Xephyr that allows one to create a skinned X11 display.
You can even have working buttons that you can click.

sudo apt-get install xoo


Haven’t used it myself.
As far as I know Xephyr has some advantages in the supported extensions over xnest

sudo apt-get install xnest


Based on the kdrive xserver supporting extensions such as render and composite.
xnest package actually recommends this package over it self…

sudo apt-get install xserver-xephyr

Utilities and tools

Xpra aka. “screen” and turbo for X11 applications

Screen is a wonderful tool for command line tools.
Xpra gives you the same capacity to leave the program running on the remove even if you close/losses the connection.
Also xpra “compresses” the stream of X11 commands by using a different protocol than X11, reducing the problems caused by low latency connections.

sudo apt-get install xpra

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